David Macleod

Peoples interests and personal sentiments, our environment and immediate surroundings, culture, memories and natures beauty….are all reflected in and what inspires Davids’ work.

His fascination with the clarity, repetition and raw beauty of the silhouette effect hit home when sitting under a tree on a beach in Northern Brazil….and observing the palm leaf image so simplistic on the sand in front of him. “the impact of the interaction between the sun, nature and a surface has had a long-lasting effect on me. I try and utilise the calming effect of this simplicity in everyday life which can get a little complex on occasions…..working on the designs, I guess, has a type of balancing effect.”

David, from Auckland, where he studied and worked before moving to London and working with various architectural practices including the renowned Fitzroy Robinson Partnership.

Upon returning to NZ he formed his own hospitality design company and achieved a NZ retail design winners award for a new cafe in Parnell, Auckland.

He also designed and became a business partner of the franchise chain “Miss Q’s Pool Bar & Café”. The innovative design changed a lot of public perception about the traditional male-dominated pool hall and created a popular new day/night pool bar scene.

David and his family moved to Brazil where they lived for 12 years until 2012 and is where he developed the original art and illumination techniques. His work became officially recognised and registered by Sutaco. (State of Sao Paulo Government department for Artisans).

Returning to his native Auckland the illumination project has had a recent rebirth utilising local products, new technology and localised designs.

“The challenge is derived from taking one of life`s passions, or observations, be it nature, a personal feeling, a place or even a sport and represent it in a modern abstract and harmonious form to tell the story…..and then to provide another identity at night with an elegant illumination effect.

The satisfaction and reward is knowing that someone will receive their own pleasure from one of their own passions or moments of life when they come home at night and flick the switch."