Ingrid Boot Paintings

Ingrid Boot paintings are all about style and elegance. Boot originates from the UK and emigrated to New Zealand in 2000. She studied art at London’s Westminster University followed by a degree in Illustration from De Montfort University.

Ingrid's paintings predominantly portray the beauty of the female form with a stylized realism developing intrigue and character. There is an essence of timeless elegance which is encapsulated within all Ingrid’s paintings. Her inspiration comes from a love of fashion history and movie icons of a bygone era. Often Ingrid will dream up the outfits worn by her Little Ladies placing great importance on every detail from the stitching on a dress to each jewel on a necklace. Sometimes using models in situ, coupled with photography shoots to capture the moment and ambience Ingrid has an ability to create a world of a bygone era or capture a certain theme to perfection.

Ingrid has been creating since childhood, and as her grandfather painted and she would often use his paints. Genetically painting is in Ingrid’s blood and this can be seen in her attention to detail and is shown in her passion for realism and fashion design as she has developed as an artist.
Ingrid was given a Vogue book on the History of 20th century Fashion for her 14th birthday and this was a wonderful inspiration for a creative and inspired young woman stepping out into the world.

As a final touch, there is a unique element in all her paintings. If you examine one of Ingrid’s paintings closely enough you will find the signature illustration she includes. A tiny lizard is camouflaged somewhere…. you will have to look hard to find it!