Ingrid Boot Prints

Ingrid Boot originates from the UK and emigrated to New Zealand in 2000. She studied art at London’s Westminster University followed by a degree in Illustration from De Montfort University.  

Ingrid's paintings predominantly portray the beauty of the female form with a stylized realism developing intrigue and character. There is an essence of timeless elegance which is encapsulated within all Ingrid’s paintings. Her inspiration comes from a love of fashion history and movie icons of a bygone era. Often she will dream up the outfits worn by her Little Ladies placing great importance on every detail from the stitching on a dress to each and every jewel on a necklace.

As a final touch, there is a unique element in all her paintings. If you examine one of Ingrid’s paintings closely enough you will find the signature illustration she includes. A tiny lizard is camouflaged somewhere….you will have to look hard to find it!