Fur vs Feathers-unframed

Ginney Deavoll
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Limited edition run of 10
Signed and Numbered print on canvas - unframed.


220 x 500mm.

Collection - Dabbling in Surrealism

I have always been drawn to fantasy and surrealism. Intrigued by the creativity and the way it provokes thoughts and ideas. From a young age most of my favourite artists were surrealists and remain so today. This is the beginning of an ongoing series where I will explore ideas and issues important to me. - Ginney Deavoll.

About the artwork

We are the land of birds and bugs and although we have lost a lot, we still have a wonderful collection of endemic species, totally unique to anywhere else in the world but many are threatened by a whole host of introduced predators.

So this is a question of balance. A question of the distribution of our land. The balance between native and introduced, and conservation and profit. How much land should be dedicated to conservation and how much to farming, mining and urban living? Do we dedicate enough space, time, effort and funds to our Native flora and fauna? Shall we again be the land of birds and bugs, or will the pests prevail? We also have a number of endemic plant species, including some very old and unique species. Will future generations again see the majestic Kauri grow to it's potential? Today only 30% of our country is in public ownership and cared for by the Department of Conservation. This is a large amount of land, some with interests in natural resources and farming would say it's too much, others with our native flora and fauna at heart would say protect more or some would say invest more funds into what we have. What would you say?

Courier within New Zealand - Please allow 3 weeks of delivery period for these signed limited edition prints.

Independent Art Consultation Service

If your space demands something different or unique, contact Christine Rabarts Art Curator for your independent personal in-house art consultation.

M: 027 629 7408   E: art@christinerabarts.com

If your space demands something unique, contact Christine Rabarts for your personal in-house art consultation.

M: 027 629 7408

E: art@christinerabarts.com

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