Goooseneck Barnacles

Ginney Deavoll
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Acrylic on Canvas


630 x 300mm

Lepas anatifera, commonly known as the pelagic gooseneck barnacle or smooth gooseneck barnacle, is a species of barnacle in the family Lepadidae. These barnacles are found, often in large numbers, attached by their flexible stalks to floating timber, the hulls of ships, piers, pilings, seaweed and various sorts of flotsam.

This painting was inspired by a discovery of the pelagic gooseneck barnacle by Ginney on Hahei Beach whilst walking with her children. The children were intrigued , as were other beach combers who were keen to photograph the interesting sea creatures.

Through my work I endeavour to share the awe I feel when experiencing the natural world. I feel an obligation to express my gratitude for our remarkable backyard while also raising awareness of the challenges it faces. My adventures into the remote and wild places of our unique country fuel my imagination and I return brimming with stories to cover my canvases with. I paint with acrylics in vibrant, bold colours using a technique similar to watercolour's. Most of my work is realistic with a twist of the surreal." - Ginney Deavoll

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If your space demands something unique, contact Christine Rabarts for your personal in-house art consultation.

M: 027 629 7408


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