Pounamu - Paora Martin.

Paora Martin
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About this Pounamu -  New Zealand Greenstone Carving 

4.5cm x 3cm 

This Hei Matau pendant is carved in new Zealand in NZ Pounamu Greenstone by our Toanga carver

Paora Martin.

Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Tainui Taku iwi

Ko Ngati Whawhakia taku hapu

Ko Taupiri te maunga

Ko Te Ohaki te puia Marae

This Matau Pounamu (NZ greenstone) carving is created in the shape of a highly stylised fish hook typical of the Māori people of New Zealand.

It is said to grant strength, good luck and safe travel to its wearer, and signifies connection to moana (the ocean) or water.

Māori and their Polynesian forebears have been island peoples for many generations, so it is not surprising that water, particularly the sea, figures prominently in their world view. In some traditions the oceans’ depths are considered to be the origin and source of all life. The islands are believed to be fish, pulled up from beneath the sea, and humans are thought to have evolved from aquatic beginnings.

The sea dominated traditional Polynesian and Māori life for many practical reasons. It was an essential source of food and other resources. A number of Polynesian islands become covered by the sea once a year, causing those who lived there to fear and revere its waters. After Polynesians settled in New Zealand, life was centred less around the sea, but it nevertheless retained its mystery and power.

This authentic carving is couriered free of charge within New Zealand.

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