Pounamu Teardrop Pendant Ngaru (Wave of the Sea) - Rua

Paora Martin
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Pounamu Teardrop Pendant - Ngaru (Wave of the Sea)

Pounamu is renown for its highly protective hearts-space vibration.

Ngaru -there is a reef on the open sea and the waves break on the reef and inside it is quite calm.

This Pounamu Teardrop Pendant is carved in New Zealand by our Taonga carver, Paora Martin.

Artist Paora Martin Whakapapa.

Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Tainui Taku iwi

Ko Ngati Whawhakia taku hapu

Ko Taupiri te maunga

Ko Te Ohaki te puia Marae

About the Pounamu Pepe Pendant

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