Sml Volcanic Teardrop Aotearoa Vase

Lynden Over
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About the artwork

This piece is part of the Volcanic Series - Aotearoa Teardrop. This vase is an original piece by master glass artist Lynden Over. It is excellently suited as collector’s item, flower vase or interior design accent.


Height 170mm.

Free of charge.

About the artist

Lynden Over – World renowned New Zealand glass artist Lynden Over is a highly regarded and award-winning New Zealand glass artist.

His style is striking and unusual. His inspiration comes from the distinctive and dramatic New Zealand landscape; it’s geology and it’s light. The work itself awakening our senses. Lynden Over trained at North Tech in Whangarei, New Zealand. He holds a bachelor’s degree in applied arts. On the completion of his study he continued to work in glass. Lynden rented a local glass studio where he developed his own original range of collectable art glassware. His extensive training in glassblowing, jewellery making and sculpture brings a unique quality and form to his work.

Independent Art Consultation Service

If your space demands something different or unique, contact Christine Rabarts Art Curator for your independent personal in-house art consultation.

M: 027 629 7408   E:

If your space demands something unique, contact Christine Rabarts for your personal in-house art consultation.

M: 027 629 7408


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