Southern Sea Swell

Ginney Deavoll
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Acrylic on Canvas.


640 x 800mm.

Collection - The Long Way

"On the 18th Feburary 2012 we found ourselves on a deserted south coast beach. Beyond the waves was the start of a two thousand kilometre self-propelled journey by paddle, peddle and foot leading to Cape Farewell, the most northerly point of the south island. This Exhibition represent all the outstanding moments of our three months travel through our most wild and beautiful places".

About the artwork

During our paddle up the coast of Fiordland we encountered everything from mirror perfect reflections to 40knot gales and house sized breakers. This image is my memory of looking south over my shoulder while on the way to Doubtful Sound. When I look at it I feel a shiver as I remember the tension and worry. The cloud was building, the swells were getting steeper, even breaking occasionally and with every roller that lifted and pushed me around I grew more nervous. It definitely didn’t pay to look back.

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If your space demands something unique, contact Christine Rabarts for your personal in-house art consultation.

M: 027 629 7408


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