Stingray Bay NZ

Souzie Speerstra
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Acrylic on Canvas.


1100 x 630mm

About Artwork

Stingray Bay is part of Te Whanganui a Hei Marine Reserve.
Souzie enjoyed painting the coastline and the pohutukawa that was clinging to the cliffs.
" I  enjoyed painting the toi toi, and I was really pleased with its design and effectiveness. Stingray Bay is often overlooked, it is on the way to Cathedral Cove. As a child it was where we always stopped to view it from the top of the hill. Its at the point at the top of the hill that we stopped to catch our breath, trying to look like we were not out of breath!"  souzie continues " I really love the image itself, it brings back childhood memories. In the background is the island, and what we knew it as children -Pigeon Island, however it is actually called Motueka" Souzie continues .." I really love the colours I used in it, and I had a lot of fun painting this" 

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