Brad Novak Screenprints

Brad Novak is a New Zealand-based urban pop artist whose work sits sharply at the nexus between fine art and street art. Under the moniker 'New Blood Pop' he is showing internationally through galleries in the US, Canada, the UK and New Zealand with work in the collection of celebrities such as famed director Mr Quentin Tarantino. As well as his trailblazing art career he is still practicing as a medical doctor and in doing so continues to push boundaries in more ways than one. 

In early 2015 Novak's debut solo exhibition very likely set a New Zealand record for a first solo show opening by an artist based here, with 500+ people through the event in only 2 hours and over 50 original paintings sold. Then, in late 2015 he became the first New Zealand-born artist in our country's history to show simultaneously alongside both the legendary pop art megastars including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and the street art global elite such as Mr. Brainwash, Shepard Fairey (OBEY) and Banksy (Struck Contemporary, Toronto). He followed this up in early 2016 with only his second solo show, and first outside New Zealand, in Toronto to rave reviews alongside a feature on national TV in Canada.

At its heart his work is about how we choose to live our lives, re-learning how to stay in the present moment, and never letting go of our childhood passions and creativity. In the artists own words: 

"New Blood Pop is concerned with how we experience life itself, the 21st century issues we face such as inequalities in wealth and health, materialism, sustainability and globalization. I'm also interested in the idea of escapism especially through science fiction and the superhero franchise. Of the things we choose to believe, what's real, and what's not? These works are global, flagrant, iconic and ironic.”

– New Blood Pop