Sean McDonnell

Sean McDonnell is a talented New Zealand artist recently specialising in screen-prints.
McDonnell uses bright colours to create vivid oil paintings and screenprints depicting the natural environment of New Zealand.
These images include reflections on water, flowers, trees, clouds and waves.

One of the underlying themes of Sean’s work has been the beauty and brevity of life.
Sean hopes to emphasise and celebrate just how magical life is.
Nothing stands still.
All life is in a constant state of flux.

The colours are often heightened to emphasize the fascinating, incredible healing properties that nature has.

Sean honed his printing skills as a graduate of Elam Fine Art, showcasing a strong foundation in various printing techniques.
His latest screenprints reflect his unique artistic vision, capturing the essence of subjects with a freehand flowing style in landscape formation.

His works demonstrate a fusion of traditional techniques with contemporary influences, creating a captivating blend of artistry that resonates with viewers.

McDonnell incorporates his strong connection to restorative environmental energetics within landscapes, capturing those healing dramatic colours within the landscapes, sunrises and sunsets.