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Christine Rabarts Art Dealer Ltd is an online art agent where clients can purchase represented artists works online.


Bread & Butter Gallery, is a dealer gallery curated by Christine Rabarts showcasing selected artists internationally.


CR Exhibit Space offers an opportunity to view exhibition works in situ when showcased at CR Exhibit Space, 24 Wharf Road, Coromandel.


We create lasting connections between artists and individual collectors, interior designers and organizations' looking to enhance their environment with original paintings and Fine Art Screenprints.

Exhibitions & Events

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Buy Accessible & Unique Art Online

Find Fine Artworks from emerging and senior artists are carefully selected across New Zealand. Our artists are chosen and their work closely curated, to ensure you are buying pieces that are beautiful, are unique and affordable.

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In-house Art Consultations

If you need help with finding the perfect art for your space, or if you find something you love on our website but are unsure what it will look like in your home, contact us and we will have a chat. We can then help suggest pieces that are of the right style and mood for your home or workspace.

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Show-homes, Interior Designers & Architects

If you are looking for artwork for a specific space, contact us and we can work together to create the right look for your project.

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