Charles and Janine Williams Screenprints

Charles & Janine Williams' style is a graphic, colourful outworking of their environmental & genealogical urban Māori heritage. Combining their background in graffiti/street art with their love for endemic birds, native birds & flowers, they are at the forefront of a new wave of urban pacific contemporary art quickly becoming recognisable around the world.

Having travelled extensively throughout Aotearoa (New Zealand) & the globe they paint from a personal story, one that has connection to the whenua (land) & to the Tangata whenua (local people) they meet along the way. Charles was a founding member & is president of the world acclaimed TMD crew (The Most Dedicated), a collective of creative individuals who continue to push artistic boundaries & who have been leaders in the urban contemporary art field over the past 2 decades worldwide. Janine is one of Aotearoas' first female urban artists' & has spent the past 15 years developing art/community activations & projects with a strong focus on youth interaction & life intervention concepts.

Married with 4 children, whanau (family) & hapori (community) are an integral & important part of their artistic journey. Charles and Janine say “A work of art is not only about the finished product but the relationships you build along the way with the people/communities you encounter. They are rich experiences that form lifelong impressions & creative perspectives that will forever impact you.”