Relishing the Splendour

Dagmar Dyck
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Silk screenprint on Archival paper - Edition 6 of 25.


1000 x 700mm.

About the Artwork

These are 10 colour hand stencilled limited edition screen prints produced specifically to commemorate my participation in the ‘Amui ‘i Mu‘a: Ancient Futures project. For the last five years, I have been part of a Marsden project, Ancient Futures: Late 18th and Early 19th Century Tongan Arts and Their Legacies, funded by the Royal Society of New Zealand. Our team has examined art objects of exchange and encounters between Europeans and Tongan islanders in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, now held in museum collections worldwide. We have visited more than 30 collections in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Australia and Aotearoa.

‘Known for her dynamic prints and paintings that often draw from the kupesi on ngatu, Dyck has drawn new, significant inspiration from the garments worn by her ancestors. Dyck has continued her exploration of ngatu barkcloth motifs and closely woven kato alu and kato mosikaka baskets, as well as elaborately feathered sisi fale waist garments and kiekie (waist adornments), fala (mats), and helu (combs). Her works explicate these in woven, painted and stratified formats. With her skillfulness in printmaking, Dyck has created a series of limited edition screenprints intricately layered with historical and contemporary references.’

The titles for both prints reference a composition written by Her Majesty Late Queen Salote Tupou III, Mata Me'a Fo'oua - Seeing New Things. It was composed during her official visit to attend the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the month of June 1953. The Queen after the Coronation visited other European Countries including Geneva, the capital of Switzerland. She was impressed with the beauty and vastness of the Great Geneva Lake. Mata Me'a Fo'oua - Seeing New Things eloquently describes the majestic landscapes of places that I have been fortunate to have travelled the last five years, yet gently reminds us Tongans that despite the geographical distances Tonga never leaves us.

Mata Me'a Fo'oua - Seeing New Things
Mata me'a fo'oua  (Seeing new things)
Siofia he masani   (relishing the splendour)
Matanga e fonua   (scenery of the land)
Mo e hala he Kanali  (route through the Canal)
Vai tō he mo'unga  (waterfalls on the mountain)
Moe 'akau he tele'a  (flora of the valleys)
Fakalelu ne hounga   (timely comfort)
Ki he loto kaveato   (the love-torn heart.)

Ko e matangi kehekehe  (Varied winds)
Angi he 'otu tahi an   (fluttering the seas)
Ko e talanoa 'eke   (voices asking)
'O ha'ate fiefia   (about my joy)
Tala hono fakaofo   (tell the wonders)
Si'i le'o 'o natula   (of the dear voice of nature)
'Oku ongo he loloto   (echoing in the deep)
Ko hoto paletu'a   (my shield and support.)

A'usia 'ete 'alu   (My journey reached)
Kolomu'a e maama   (the row of lights)
Ko e fakatalutalu   (from ancient days)
Ne ngangatu hono tala   (its scented tales)
Seti'anga siueli   (where jewels are set)
Tapa 'aho mo e pō   (day and night sparkling)
Kalauni 'o e 'ofa   (crown of love)
Ko si'oto manako   (my treasure)

Kolo 'o e faka uō   (festive city)
Uta'anga fiefia   (source of gaiety)
Si'i taloni e melino   (throne of peace)
'I he ano 'i Siniva   (Geneva's lakes)
Tuku e tapuaki   (leave blessings)
Lau ai 'ete malo   (my gratitude abounds)
Foki 'i he 'alavini   (before returning)
Ki he vaha mama'o   (to the deep sea)

Fie lau si'a ipu   (Speak of a cup)
Ne fonu mahuohua   (overflowing with goodness)
'O tatau aipe   (the same)
He la'a mo e 'uha   (in sun and rain)
Kaekehe ne takua   (as long as)
He 'Otu Felenite   (the Friendly Isles are spoken of)
'I he langi 'oku nunu   (in a sky studded)
Ai e palanite   (with planets).


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