Erica Lyons

Erica Lyons resides in Coromandel township on the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand and has been a permanent artist at Bread & Butter Gallery for many years.

Erica creates mixed media works and among other mediums her newly released limited edition Digital Art that are showcased here on our website and in-house at the gallery here in Whitianga.

Erica exceptional use of colour combinations are beautifully pulled together to create a harmonious burst of creativity.

'After painting for many years with conventional brushes and paint on canvas I discovered 15 years ago that digital painting using Adobe Photoshop opened up an exciting and infinite universe to explore...
The best part of it all is I can practice art and be creative where ever I go with the use of my laptop...
There is no need for a workbench, and I won't get my hands dirty with paint ... plus don't even have to tidy up the mess afterwards!
I have used my digital photo editing in various ways, one example is a small poetry book collaboration.

My most recent work is a series of art using the algorithmic memory of the computer, accompanied by the frequent use of my pen tablet and stylus to get the dimension, colour and composition looking right.
These series I started in December 2017, with the latest creations being rectangle forest scenes created in January and yacht series in March 2019.
By popular demand these original and signed giclee’s on canvas are available in a strictly limited edition of 25 for the tree & ocean themes, the yachts are a limited edition of 50"  Erica Lyons.