Grant Simpson

Grant was born in 1956 and raised in Auckland New Zealand as part of a large family with devoted parents. Growing up on the Manukau Harbour with the freedom to explore and interact with the environment gave him an appreciation for natural things. Trips to the beaches around Auckland including Waiheke Island and The Coromandel made him aware of the qualities displayed by nature and how they speak to the heart. Awesome beauty, power and wisdom can be observed in creation. Even love is manifested in the way we are made to be able to appreciate these things. 

Grant's interest in art was displayed at the primary school level where art was a favourite subject. A career in business took him away from that until 1998 when a move to The Coromandel and a change in circumstances gave him the opportunity not just to earn a living but also to do it in an enjoyable and fulfilling way. Consequently, since 2003 painting has become his living. Grant is a self-taught artist with no formal training. His style could be described as overwhelmingly realism and his goal is to reproduce in a painting the feelings we get when we see a thing of beauty or something that reminds us of a favourite place.

Grant is a permanent artist at Bread & Butter Gallery and his works can be found in art collections worldwide.