Lucy Horne

After attending Elam Art School in the 1970’s Lucy has been a professional artist for more than 45 years and is well-recognised for her use of colour, design, and boldness.

Inspired by the weather, its influence on the landscape, and from scenes around Whitianga and the Coromandel Peninsula, Lucy paints abstract realism in oils.

Use of strong colour is a reoccurring theme. Lucy has two themes running through her work. The more conventional rural and sea scenes, rain, lightning, colourful rainbows and the moonrise. Lucy finds night scenes interesting and challenging.
The second theme she likes to study contrasting colours to create harmony and magic.

Het first exhibition was held by the Waikato Society of Arts in 1977. Since then Lucy has mainly exhibited in Auckland and Whitianga and is represented as a permanent artist at Coromandel, Christine Rabarts Art Dealer.