Children at Breakfast Patearoa, Otago

Michael Smither
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Silk screenprint on Archival paper - edition 10 of 81.


430 x 430mm.

About the artwork

Children at Breakfast
Continuing with Smither’s Central Otago paintings, his work can be remembered by his experience of the South Island whilst living with his young family in ‘a shepherd’s hut Patearoa on the Moniototo Plains of Central Otago.

‘Michael Smither is well known for capturing the small wonders of domestic life.
Peering into these spartan rooms is to enter a child’s small world of looming objects and entangled limbs, a place where ordinary actions assume some of the pace and grace of rituals’ Children at Breakfast (1969-70) captures the colour of the atmosphere and ambience of those soft morning colours of light and shadows.

Softened mustard tones, mauve and deep red hold the calmness while accentuating the calmness of the children. The sleepy heavy-lidded young ones suckling thumbs and cosy comfort blankets at the early morning breakfast table.

The children look like truant angels from some trecento fresco’.
They inhabit the impression of prayerful suspense.
A daily snapshot soft-lit memory, before food is served, before going to bed, before the light is turned off, before the flame is blown out after the sun has set and their dreams roll down from the hills of the Otago ranges behind to meet the quiet and still of the cottage.

Where the children within the safe walls of the home are settled and calm.

This reproduction is of a painting now in the collection of the Hocken Library, Dunedin.

Michael Smither CNZM 2018.

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