Winter Tuscany with Snow, near Sienna, Italy by Richard Chrisp

Richard Chrisp Paintings
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Watercolour & Pastel on Paper 
Signed by Richard Chrisp


Framed  395 x 540mm 

Watercolour on paper 350 x 495mm. 

In the mid-1970s, Chrisp's artistic journey led him to Paris, France, where he enrolled in the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Prior to this, he had diligently learned French and Italian during his studies at Victoria University. It was during his time in Europe that he began honing his skills as a watercolour artist. Chrisp, also fluent in Italian spent time in Italy in the 1970’s and his inspiration today continues to capture his memories, friendships, connections and colours of Europe.

Richard Chrisp 80th birthday year marks a splendid occasion for celebration!

For nearly four decades, Richard Pomare Chrisp has devoted himself to the exquisite world of watercolours. As vibrant as the artist himself, his watercolour creations persistently mirror his emotions, passions, and elation.

They vividly encapsulate the enchantment of Theatre, Opera, and the picturesque Italian Tuscany sienna countryside, and the romance of Paris.
Within his art, we rediscover recollections of historical European landscapes, charming boutique gardens, and delicate botanicals, all elegantly brought to life.
On paper, his work becomes a testament to his fascination with foreign languages, a profound love for the musical arts, and a special connection to Italian and French Theatre, where colourful friendships bloom.
Through his watercolours, Richard takes us on a journey through cherished memories, evoking The Opera and the enduring bonds with lifelong friends.
His art pays homage to the allure of Paris, the rustic beauty of Tuscany's fields, and the grandeur of mansions filled with eclectic, treasured memories.
Chrisp's work has been likened to artists David Jones, Matisse, Raoul Dufy and Cezanne, showcasing an energetic personality evident in his interior, landscape and floral paintings.
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