Carson Paintings

Inspired by the cleverly detailed capture of embossed and luscious wall decor of Europe, to the land forms reminiscent of his volcanic east coast, New Zealand homeland, Carson's mastery of colour, texture and design, and his sense of style, coupled with a surrealistic approach and at times mixed with Carson musical background, intrigue many by his imagination in his works.
Steve Carson, a most capturing and thought provoking artist now resides back in the Coromandel, New Zealand after spending seven years in Europe studying and painting from a number of notable establishments including Musée du Louvre, D-Orsay, Paris.

Carson’s works adorn, villas, Mansions and private art collections throughout Europe and is a respected artist with work throughout Europe, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada Chatham Islands and Australia.
Inspired by the collaborative aspect of the artist's oeuvre: portraits, allegorical decorations and flavors of mythological works paintings by Carson is dominated by friends and family connectivity.
Steve's strong belief in the value of family love and its powerful influence on the world created by that foundation, for good or otherwise is often a powerful message in his work