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Watercolour, Pastel and pencil drawing on Paper 
Signed by Richard Chrisp 

Unframed 340 x 390

"Chez Fare Tahiti " is a painting that reflects the experiences and memories of artist Richard Chrisp and his French Tahitian wife Celine De-Carlier.

In the mid-1970s, the couple lived and worked in Tahiti on Moorea Island. Richard, who has a Māori Tahitian heritage through his late mother Huia Pomare Halbert, has a deep connection to Tahiti and its culture. During their time in Tahiti, Richard's mother visited them at the age of 80 and quickly embraced the Tahitian culture, learning the language and immersing herself in the local customs. This fond memory is intertwined within Richard's Tahitian paintings.

Tahiti has a rich history, being first settled by migrating Polynesians around 500BC and later discovered by European explorers in the 16th century. Eventually, it became a French colony and is now officially known as French Polynesia, an autonomous overseas country of the French Republic.

"Chez Fare Tahiti by Richard Chrisp" is painted from Richard's NZ Art Studio in Coromandel. The painting depicts a variety of bountiful fruits, including plums, mangos, grapes, a fig, banana, and a mango, adorning a basket and platter.
In front of a backdrop featuring a poster of Tahiti, sunflowers in a blue vase add a vibrant touch.
Additionally, the painting includes a bottle of VIN, that Richard is known to be partial to,  and a book on Cezanne, paying homage to an inspirational artist.

Chrisp's work has been likened to artists David Jones, Matisse, Raoul Dufy and Cezanne, showcasing an energetic personality evident in his interior, landscape and floral paintings.

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