Chroma Zones - (RO) Red Orange - Framed - 38 of 190

Michael Smither
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Silk screenprint on Archival paper 
Chroma Zones - (RO) Red Orange

Edition 38 of 190

Framed -  white


Unframed 850 x 650mm.

Framed 945 x 748mm.

Contact Christine Rabarts for viewing at CR EXHIBIT SPACE, 24 Wharf Road, Coromandel.

About the artwork

The Chroma Zone series of 12 prints explore the idea of bending the spectrum around each colour in the rainbow. I have experienced displaying the Chroma Zones in various harmonic groups but my preference now is to view them individually.

Michael Smither CNZM 2015.

12 sets in total of a complete set of 12 chroma Zones = 144 screenprints.

Remainder 46 screenprints are single-screen prints or part sets. 

This artwork is framed with glass and unavailable for Courier.

Independent Art Consultation Service

If your space demands something different or unique, contact Christine Rabarts Art Curator for your independent personal in-house art consultation.

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If your space demands something unique, contact Christine Rabarts for your personal in-house art consultation.

M: 027 629 7408


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