King Lear - Auckland Theatre Company June 2023 by Richard Chrisp

Richard Chrisp Paintings
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Watercolour, Pastel and Collage on Paper 
Signed by Richard Chrisp


White Matted & Backing 
Watercolour, Pastel and Collage on Paper 445 x 630mm

One of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, starring acting royalty Michael Hurst.

Richard Crisp's Inspiration after attendance to King Lear, Auckland Theatre Company 21st June 2023. 
Featuring in Chrisp's painting is Michael Hurst as King Lear, Jennifer Ward-Lealand as Duchess of Kent, Jessie Lawrence as Regan, Andi Crown as Goneril and Cordelia was played by Hanah Tayeb.

“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.”

Having built an empire, the ageing Lear is poised to abdicate his crown. When he challenges his children to compete for his land, his favourite refuses to play the game. Civilisation is thrust to the edge of chaos and Lear, broken by his own vanity, will be forced to confront who he is for the very first time.

Tender, violent, moving, humbling, King Lear navigates the complexities and contradictions of human nature like no other piece of storytelling. At a time when we are all reconsidering the role of monarchy, Shakespeare’s great meditation on succession, family and country couldn’t be more potent.

Michael Hurst, one of Aotearoa’s greatest exponents of Shakespeare, takes the crown. Renowned for his boldly theatrical contemporary productions, this iconic artist will be joined by a large ensemble cast and a celebrated design team. Using the full majesty of the ASB Waterfront Theatre, they’ll bring to life this poetic and powerful masterpiece. Expect everything.

“Who is it that can tell me who I am?”

“It is a story of its time but also of all times. You only have to look at the politics in the world today to see Lear-type figures, secure in their power, making the wrong decisions while surrounded by those that would flatter them in the pursuit of their own advancement.” – London Theatre 1 
(Ref: Extract from Auckland Theatre Company)

In the mid-1970s, Chrisp's artistic journey led him to Paris, France, where he enrolled in the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Prior to this, he had diligently learned French and Italian during his studies at Victoria University. It was during his time in Europe that he began honing his skills as a watercolour artist. Chrisp, also fluent in Italian spent time in Italy in the 1970’s and his inspiration today continues to capture his memories, friendships, connections and colours of Europe.

London Experience and Continued Passion:

Having lived in London for several years, Richard Chrisp immersed himself in the vibrant opera and live theatre scene. He forged lasting friendships within this artistic community and continued to be inspired by the creative energy surrounding him.

Current Residence and Artistic Style:

In the present day, Richard Chrisp resides on the picturesque Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, where he has chosen to make his home for an extended period. His art is characterized by the influence of his time in France and his unique fusion of artistic styles.

Chrisp's work has been likened to artists David Jones, Matisse, Raoul Dufy and Cezanne, showcasing an energetic personality evident in his interior, landscape and floral paintings..

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