Summer Bounty: Still Life by Richard Chrisp

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"Summer Bounty: Still Life by Richard Chrisp"


Watercolour on Paper.

Signed by Richard Chrisp


Framed light grey 435 x 600mm
Watercolour on paper 400 x 565mm

"Summer Bounty: A Still Life by Richard Chrisp"

 This painting beautifully captures four of Richard Chrisp's most cherished summer fruits: pomegranates, grapes, watermelon, and figs. It is a vivid representation of a still life, brought to life during the bountiful summer of 2022.

Pomegranates, depicted in the artwork, are known to grow wildly in Turkey, and Richard Chrisp personally harvested them from Mary Foreman's tree at Driving Creek, Coromandel. The fig, another luscious element in the composition, was sourced from a tree outside the Coromandel Bakehouse in Coromandel Town. The watermelon, with its refreshing allure, was plucked from Richard Chrisp's very own garden. The grapes, though acquired at some expense, were meticulously selected from Whitianga Countdown.

Richard Chrisp's connection to pomegranates extends beyond this painting, as he had the privilege of visiting Turkey and Greece around 2018. During his stay on the island of Simi, he encountered wild pomegranate trees and had the pleasure of picking the fruit to make juice a healthy indulgence.

Pomegranates have long held rich symbolism, representing concepts such as death, longevity, paradise, and temptation. In Ancient Egypt, pomegranates were even interred with the deceased to assist their journey to the afterlife.

The pomegranate's iconic imagery has left a lasting impression on the world of art, inspiring renowned artists throughout history. From Sandro Botticelli's "Madonna of the Pomegranate" (1485) to Rachel Ruysch's "Fruit and Flowers" (1716), Dante Gabriel Rossetti's "Proserpine" (1874), and Salvador Dalí's "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee" (1944), the pomegranate continues to weave its alluring narrative in the tapestry of artistic expression.

Chrisp's work has been likened to artists David Jones, Matisse, Raoul Dufy and Cezanne, showcasing an energetic personality evident in his interior, landscape and floral paintings.


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