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Michael Smither
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Original Painting
Oil on board

6400mm x 8400mm - framed

Michael Duncan Smither QNZM
Exhibition ‘The Difference’

I decided to show these portraits in tandem with the artist Brad Novak as his work was so different from mine it might reveal an aspect of portrait painting that is not apparent unless put in this unusual context.


Generally speaking, it is the likeness that entrances the viewer. Recognition is the central element, recognition of the subject’s character. Features of the face, ears, nose, eyes, lips neck and head are what we select to give recognition.

 Recognition invites speculation.

 A portrait is an artist’s interpretation of his experience of the subject, and in the process of the painting the artist moves deeper than recognition.

 Portraiture is always a very private thing.

 The ‘work’ itself is what the artist makes.
It can become a trophy, a bit of history or an entertainment.

 The skull is a cup of bone where ideas can grow.

 Every line on a face is evidence of life’s singular experiment.

 Action and reaction.

 Evolutionary and monumental adventures in physics.

- Michael Smither
  October 2022

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