Drawing 34

Michael Smither
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Original Drawing Pencil on paper 

Signed by Michael D Smither 
MDS 14

Released 2023

Drawing is Floated
Light bleached wood frame

Drawing on paper 145 x 205mm
Framed                 310 x 365 mm


Join us to view and discuss Michael Duncan Smither's 40 Working Drawings exhibition at CR Exhibit Space, Coromandel Town, NZ.

Curated by Christine Rabarts Dip Art (Hons).


Open 10am - 4pm


Friday 20th October- Sunday 29th October 2023


CR Exhibit Space

24 Wharf Road, Coromandel Township, NZ

 Exhibition Details:

Step into the captivating world of contemporary art as Michael D Smither CNZM, a revered New Zealand artist, unveils his latest collection of working drawings. Immerse yourself in a journey of delicate lines and intricate details that encapsulate the essence of Smither's artistic genius. These working drawings, a precursor to his larger masterpieces, offer a glimpse into the artist's creative process, showcasing his unparalleled ability to bring life to paper through a stroke of a pen or brush. Explore the nuances of form, light, and emotion, as Smither's art continues to challenge conventional boundaries and spark new conversations within the contemporary art scene.

 Exhibition Highlights:

A diverse array of working drawings, each a testament to Smither's mastery of form and technique.

Insightful glimpses into the artist's vision and methodology, allowing art enthusiasts to connect with the creative process.

Engaging narratives that accompany the drawings, offering a deeper understanding of the artist's inspirations and aspirations.

An opportunity to witness the evolution of Smither's artistic language and its impact on the New Zealand contemporary art landscape.

Join us for this extraordinary exhibition, where art enthusiasts and admirers of Michael D Smither's work come together to celebrate a lifetime of dedication to artistry and innovation.

  Artist Brief

In 2004 Smither was awarded the CNZM (Companion to the New Zealand Order of Merit) for Services to Art.

 Michael has been painting for over 66 years and is renowned as one of our most recognised master painters in New Zealand and his paintings are held innumerable public collections including Auckland Art Gallery and Te Papa Tongawera Museum of New Zealand and prominent private collections

 In art history books Smither is filed under hard-edge realism as the most prominent painter of this prominent homegrown school.

During his long and prolific career, Michael Duncan Smither has found continuing inspiration from his immediate environment. This has resulted in a large body of work that is synonymous with the New Zealand landscape and culture.

 Smither paints coastal and mountain landscapes, family and children, domestic objects, and religious symbols. Michael also has a continued interest in reflections with a large collection of famous colour works that are strongly influenced by his knowledge of music and harmonics. Michael has held many prestigious one-man shows in New Zealand and Australia and has been included in many group exhibitions.

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