Stent Road Sunset

Sean McDonnell
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'Stent Road Sunset'

Taranaki New Zealand

Silk screenprint on Fabriano paper
Signed Edition of 40


300 x 300mm

About the artwork
As a passionate surfer, Sean Mc Donnell is often seen travelling the North Island of New Zealand searching for the best waves.

Several years ago he was in the beautiful Taranaki region and decided to stop by one of the better known surf breaks called Stent Road.

When he arrived the waves were perfect and no one was out surfing...could this be real? He almost had to pinch himself. However Mc Donnell was at a crossroads.

Would he head out and go surfing, or would he wait for the sun to dip a little lower and capture the magnificent sunset with his camera to then paint back in his Northland studio.

Luckily for us he decided to take the art path and hence this screen print was created.

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